New Canon EOS 70D Camera Review

Canon has unveiled  yet another powerful camera in the name of Canon EOS 70D. Though it’s not a magnesium allow pro grade camera, but it still has some features which even the high end cameras from canon don’t. And one such feature is the phase-detection focus in video mode. For beginners, it just means super fast and super smooth focus …

How to take great photos from your iPhone

The iPhone has proved that enthusiasts can take professional photos without feeling intimidated by the idea of needing classes in photography with professional photographers. If you browse over collections online on blogs, the photos range from amateur to really professional quality photos, and all from the iphone.
That said, there are ways to avoid being seen to be just a holiday …

15 Amazing Landscapes Photography By AtomicZen

Hello Everyone!
This is my first post in the year of 2012,and I’m proudly presents these amazing and inspirational works of Landscapes Photography by AtomicZen:

The goal of my photography is to illustrate the beauty of nature and hope that my photos would inspire some people to improve their photography skills in some ways. In my opinion, the more we take landscape …

15 Inspiring Photographs of Sunsets and Sunrises

The sun has been rising and setting for millions of years and we are touched every single time. This is because a truly beautiful scene is created, the sight of the sun giving us life and then saying farewell as it leaves us in darkness.
The sky is the most important element when taking photographs of the sun. The trick is …

The Best Photography Tips for Everyone

  • August 22nd, 2011
  • Posted by Rishabh Agarwal
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Get Inspiration from Playing Poker
When it comes to photography, you don’t need the most expensive equipment like a Mamiya or become the reincarnation of Richard Avedon or an intern for Annie Leibovitz. You just need a basic working knowledge of your camera and know how to get the best results from your aperture, shutter speed, and focal length. If you’re …