13+ Beautiful and Touching Example of Black & White Photography

Black-and-white photography is the creation of monochrome images using photographic techniques. Through the use of either a traditional film camera or digital camera, the artist exposes an image media, such as film or a digital image sensor, to light. The light then affects the image media in such a way as to leave a permanent imprint of the scene on that media. This media is then processed to create a final image or photograph.
A modern black-and-white photography can be either film-based or digital. The process remains the same in that the film or digital sensor is exposed to light through a lens, and then the resulting image is processed either in a darkroom or by computer to create the final black-and-white image.

For me black and white photos are timeless and classy,and its also a challenge to some photographer to be able to send a message with the absence of colors.

Here are some of my favorite beautiful and touching black and white photography,i do hope you will enjoy it.

“With All My Heart” by Bela Benedek

“Little Girl” by Kamenf

“End of Carnifal” by Omar Biagi

“Lost” by photographiste

“Back Home” by Andrei Graph

“Passion on The Road” by Jamal Alayoubi

“Togetherness” by Andre Du Plessis

“….” by Robert

“First Lesson” by Lev Tsimring

“For Many People,but not for everyone..” by Paolo Ordigoni

“Family Scooter” by Lovro

“Cooling Mist” by Philip Orgeron

“Joyful” by Ario Wibowo

Photography: Rishabh Agarwal

15 thoughts on “13+ Beautiful and Touching Example of Black & White Photography

  1. Milana Post author

    @Nishant thank you,yes you are right,thats the whole point “to tell a story without any words” i like that line 🙂

  2. Emily

    Very pretty pictures. Touching indeed and so many of them tell a story without any words. Excellent captures 😀

  3. Milana Post author

    @SKilledBits thank you, its been fun searching for the pictures 🙂

    @Sarfraz thank you,glad u liked it 🙂

  4. Mirdula

    Truly great images. Once more I’m head over heels in love with those images, especially with black and white. . Again and ‘gain those pictures stress that black & white are the true shades of dear old world and the raw life in it.

  5. Milana Post author

    @Mirdula thank you,yes b&w pics are timeless and classy
    in the absence of colors the expression of the pic should speak out to send the message.
    I personally love b&w pics 🙂

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