Best Handpicked Bokeh Wallpapers

Bokeh is the thing that every photographer just loves. All of us try our best to get the bokeh shots in any possible way. To make it more interesting, we told you how you can create a custom bokeh shape for yourself to unleash your creativity. But now, we thought of doing something different. We just started a new category here and this is the first Freebie which we’re giving to you. We have collected the best bokeh wallpapers out there from DeviantArt, which is the best website for showcasing your designer instincts. The bokeh wallpapers are available in various sizes ranging from the screen size of your iPhone to your widescreen monitors. As an added bonus, some of them also come with psd files so that you can run your designer instincts on them!

So, here’s the list. Download them, love them or play with them 🙂

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