Landscape Photography Tips

Landscapes are the most beautiful form of nature. There are so many landscape forms of nature in this world that it may take your entire life in trying to capture them. There is always something magical about a landscape that persuades and encourages a photographer to take its photograph. To start with, here are some breathtaking examples of landscape photography:





Here in this article, we?ll tell you some tips and tricks that would help you to exploit your camera to the maximum extent for landscape photography. To make sure you get maximum output out of your landscape shots, you should keep in mind following points and tricks:

Imagine a Composition

Shooting landscape is not at all similar to shooting any other object. Landscapes are meant to be shot for a composition. So, next time you go out in the wild and plan for a landscape photography series, make sure you have a composition of a scenery in your mind.

The lens

Landscape shots are best captured with a wide angle lens. The reason for that is, wide angle lenses tend to cover greater amount of area in the same available space. So, using a wide angle lens is recommended.

Foreground matters

While shooting landscapes, foreground is equally important as the background. While you should definitely care about the background structure, having a good foreground also decides the fate of the final photograph to a great extent

Don?t forget your tripod

When you decide to go for a landscape shoot, never ever forget your tripod. You will have to use the tripod in the low light conditions so that you don?t end up with shaky and blurry photographs.

Check the weather

While going and planning a landscape shooting schedule, it?s always wise to check with the weather reports of the area as even a small amount of rain or wind can ruin all your plans of landscape photography.

Focal Points

The modern digital DSLR cameras have many focal points compared to single focal points of old cameras. This enables you as a photographer to keep more than one object in focus while photographing a scene.  Landscape photography gives you maximum opportunity to use this feature of your camera.

Use Maximum Depth of Field

Depth Of Field (DoF) refers to how many objects will be in focus relative to the distance between them and the camera. As you may already know, in landscape scenes all of the objects are in focus and there is no question of blurring or fading any object out. To achieve this, always shoot at maximum depth of field.

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