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50 Stunning Ray of Lights Photographs

Light is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye.There are many sources of light. The most common light sources are include sunlight.When the direct sunlight is not blocked by clouds, it is experienced as sunshine, a combination of bright light and radiant heat. When it is blocked by the clouds or reflects off of other objects, it is experienced as diffused light.
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40+ Gorgeous Pictures of Leaves

The leaf is a part of the plant that is charge of making food for the plant. This food making process is called photosynthesis. Leaves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, color, and textures. Leaves can be grouped as simple with one blade or compound with many leaflets. The edges of leaves can be smooth, have jagged edges referred to as toothed or scalloped edges referred to as lobed edges. Leaves can also be divided into how their veins are arranged.
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15+ Beautiful Examples of Underwater Photography

Another inspiration for photography is taking an underwater photographs, skill, equipment, and technique are requires to get the best results.
Capture the ocean?s infinite splendor with an array of underwater shooting techniques, get some advice on choosing a camera, suggestions for maintaining the equipment, and instructions for lighting in this watery world. You?ll find out how to deal with low visibility, learn essential photographic equations for calculating shutter speeds and exposures; understand the differences between various film stocks and what digital can do; and see how to use the flash effectively.
It is challenging, but if you see the result, i’m sure you’re willing to dive and experiencing the process.
Below are some example of a beautiful underwater photography, dive in it. ?

Photography Norbert Probst

Photography Mikael Jigmo

Photography Akterf

Photography Andrey Narchuk

Photography Hasan Yokes

Photography Pedro Gonio

Photography Ian Newman Goddard

Photography John Colbensen

Photography Martin Zalba

Photography bexter

Photography Maria Munn

Photography Stefan Beskow

Photography Eric Javier

25 Examples of a Dreamy Rocks Photography

A landscaped is something that will surely be a lifetime inspiration for all photographer. Aside from Mountain, Ocean, plants, trees and flowers, natural rocks and stones are also can give a dramatic expression for every landscape photographs. These some examples of a photography that involving rocks, which are creating a dreamy effect to the whole natural concept and stunning contrast to the nature landscape photography.

Photography petervanallen

Photography PatrickSmithPhotography

Photography Jorgen Schon

Photography Mel Brackstone

Photography Jim Patterson Photography

Photography Shuggie

Photography Angus Clyne

Photography Jordi Gallego

Photography Jim Boud

Photography Bobby Bong

Photography Tomasito

Photography Tropical Living

Photography Maloephoto