The Cookie Splash Photography

Cookie splash is one of a motion photography that we have seen much on Flickr

It is a very interesting trick in taking a photographs of a splash in a cup or glass, the challenge is in the timing, you should be able to capture the very first splash to keep the picture clean.

Here are some examples of the cookie splash photography:

Photography ~ Siebe

Photography ~ YoungBlood

Photography ~ Iany.T

Photography ~ Tafari

Photography ~ pingmeetspong

Photography ~ Michal Tzvi

Photography ~ Lisa-Mari

Photography ~ airymist

Photography ~ NicoSergio

Photography ~ Cfisherphotography

Photography ~ MaxDicapua

Photography ~ DanyCam

Photography ~ cicciofarmaco Photography

Photography ~ Yani*_*

Photography ~ Martha

Photography ~ Chinese(pR)

Photography ~ Gerard Wttewaal

Photography ~ isayx3

Photography ~ iamwithoutshoes

Photography ~ j_Stone

Photography ~ Dongga

Photography ~ Nana

Photography ~ Faisal Photography

Photography ~ Iranyela

Photography ~ JVLM

Photography ~ Gjore

Photography ~ ohNzl

Photography ~ Gniewosadka Pokrywka

Photography ~ ricafranca

Photography ~ somedesignerguy(M11)

So, interesting right?
Its pretty simple to make on your self. Here are the things you’ve got to do:
1. take a cool cup to capture (choose the most interesting cup)
Everyone can choose a cup, but it takes an art to choose the one with a character ?
2. fill it with coffee almost till the edge
Do not use water, use coffee or tea, its more attractive to use colorful liquid that will give beautiful effect on the splash
3. focus the camera manual on the glass
4. be sure you’ve got a short exposure time (high ISO makes that possible)
5. set the camera on burst mode (continuous shooting)
6. grab a tiny heavy object like a egg or something like that.
You can use a piece of cookie or any small object, to create different kind of splash
7. press the shutter and drop it!

One thing for sure its gonna be a mess ? but its so much fun to do!

-source :Siebe on Flickr

How to do it in a video Cookie splash

Have fun with the splash! ?

13 thoughts on “The Cookie Splash Photography

  1. Milana Post author

    hi Neeraj, thank you, lol, you can also do some trick on that “coffee” ?

    let me know the result by posting the link on the comment box, all the best! ?

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  5. Hermitbiker

    …. what an interesting concept…. taking a photo of your spill, as it happens…. before everything gets real messy…. lmao !!

  6. Milana Post author

    @Hermit yes it is pretty much interesting, lol, as you can see most of the pic has clean ground, it means they’re able to captured the first splash, except pic #2, but the spill looks great too, can you see that? ?

    how a spill can be art too ?

    thank you for the comment

  7. Rahul

    all what this kind of photography requires is perfect timing and angle!! they are jut awesome ? Big thanks for the share ?

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