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15 Amazing Landscapes Photography By AtomicZen

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post in the year of 2012,and I’m proudly presents these amazing and inspirational works of Landscapes Photography by AtomicZen:


The goal of my photography is to illustrate the beauty of nature and hope that my photos would inspire some people to improve their photography skills in some ways. In my opinion, the more we take landscape photo, the lessen we know the world. Actually, it is a big planet, isn’t it?~AtomicZen










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Happy New Year 2012 and hopefully to hear your feedback, as usual just kick the comments box,thank you! (^_^)b

15 Inspiring Photographs of Sunsets and Sunrises

The sun has been rising and setting for millions of years and we are touched every single time. This is because a truly beautiful scene is created, the sight of the sun giving us life and then saying farewell as it leaves us in darkness.

The sky is the most important element when taking photographs of the sun. The trick is not to over expose it, combining the sky with other elements can really help make the photograph more interesting and stunning.

Other elements consist of long and short focal length, good light metering, the Weather, focus, silhouettes and of course post processing.

People always think that it is very easy to turn a sun setting and rising image in to a cliché, the photographs below clearly show that this is not true. Keep your eyes open and look for a scene you did not see anywhere before, a beautiful sunlit sky photographed the right way any make any one say ‘Wow’.

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Lancashire UK

Lancashire UK

photo credits

Bangalore, India

Bangalore India

photo credits

Washington DC

Washington DC

photo credits

Kruger Park, South AfricaKruger Park, South Africa

photo credits

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia

photo credits



photo credits

Dubai, UAE

dubai UAE

photo credits

Lake Louise, Canada


photo credits



photo credits

Southern Ireland


photo credits

Antarctic Sunrise

antarctic sunrise

photo credits



photo credits

New York


photo credits



photo credits



photo credits

A Collection of Red Icons in 20 Photographs of London

London is at the heart of England. By night stunning colors emerge from the London eye and River Thames and by day the city is stands out in striking red color.

The red bus is an outstanding principal icon in London, famous for its rear entrance double decker it is recognized worldwide along with the red mail box and telephone booths. The bright red color was chosen centuries ago to ensure these services stood out, this has worked well, appealing and exciting visitors from around the world.
This red theme continues on to the London underground. The central line is London’s deep level tube line that runs from east to west; it has the greatest length of any line. It is coloured red on the tube map.  The union jack features red tones along with red bus lanes and the red guardsmen.

Small in size but once seen together, these amazing icons add to the rich city state atmosphere and has the ability to inspire photographers.

I have collected photographs taken in London that capture the exciting red color beautifully for your inspiration.

Red Coats in London by James Neeley



London Red Route master by Frizztext



Red at Buckingham Palace by Safoura



Life guard on duty at Whitehall, London by Alun John



Falling telephone boxes by Doug


Red disappearance, South Bank, London by David


Central Line, London underground tube by Dhaka


Central Line by ACD


Red mail box by Sara


Union Jack in Convent Garden by TripWolf


Through the fence at Buckingham Palace by Rupert Ganzer


The red London Eye by Smackevil


Red Taxi by Eugene McConville


Red Taxi outside the Willis building Paul Hadgett


On the buses by Spedding’s Art


Regent Street Post box by Not Enough Megapixels


A red sign of the times by Not Enough Mega Pixels


Regent Street Celebrations by Not Enough Megapixels


London in red by Flavio


Red Bus lane by Mopiku



Delicious Food Photography

So this one was a bit strange, but I actually got the idea for this collection from a recipe site I was browsing looking for a good meatball recipe. Meatballs aren’t exactly the prettiest looking food but I saw some very appetizing pictures which made me think about how photos of food truly can be a beautiful thing.

Food is every human’s delight. And when it’s so delicious that you can’t get your eyes off, you really can’t help your mouth watering. Here we present before you 30 best food photographs that we could find to treat your eyes. We bet, you can’t stop your mouth from watering just by looking at these photographs.

Warning: Do not eat your computer screen out 😛


~Photography: rish~

Cookies ~Photography: sassyhorse~

Cup Cakes ~Photography: linnettealissa~

Birthday Cake ~Photography: honeeybeee~

The Strawberries ~Photography: littlefists

Picking Strawberry ~Photography: pesticidas

Butter Cups ~Photography: PeaSoupEats

Chocolate Toppings ~Photography: slagerman~

Vancouver Food ~Photography: kjmeow~

~Photography: slagerman~

Lunch ~Photography: cfisherphotography

Mandarine Cake ~Photography: Saiha~

~Photography: kjmeow~

Ice Cream Sandwiches ~Photography: SmoothDude~

~Photography: vrxStudios~

Pizza Marguerite ~Photography: sidewalkshoes~

pies! pies! pies! ~Photography: sassyradish~

Soul Food ~Photography: lutonian~

~Photography: rstcg~

~Photography: antonioabadiastudio~

BuffaloStyleBurger ~Photography: willoptics~

Pretzel Dogs ~Photography: icedventi~

Just Salad ~Photography: diyanachan~

Beef Steak with Mash Potato ~Photography: enchantedforest~

~Photography: marylise-doctrinal~

Beef Roll ~Photography: enchantedforest~

~Photoraphy: ghholt~

~Photography: peeeeeeter~

~Photography: lantin~

~Photography: zyork~

Amazing Maps Of Twitter & Flickr Activity Around The World

Eric Fischer (who describes himself as “Geek of maps, failed transportation plans of the past, history of technology, computers, pedestrianism, and misspelled street signs”) had a bright idea: he mashed up data from Flickr (the orange dots are pictures uploaded to Flickr) and Twitter (the blue dots are Tweets) to reveal that people Tweet more in urbanised environments and upload photos more in scenic surrounds. The white dots? Locations that have been both Tweeted and uploaded to Flickr. Makes sense, huh. Yup, the obvious has never been displayed so beautifully.