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Freezing Time On The Streets

Photography is all about freezing time through lenses. A photographer captures those memorable instances of time, which go unnoticed, otherwise. That’s why the photographs are also called “memories’”. Talking about taking the best photograph, there are no rules defined. But interestingly, the magic lies in breaking the rules and giving your creativity, a leap into the time. And today, I am going to tell you how to walk on streets, capture unnoticed moments and create magic.

Photography: publikaccion

  • Notice The Unnoticed – Probably the most important aspect of street photography. While on streets, you don’t look for people posing and neither have you looked for perfect lightning. It’s all raw. What you see, is what you get. So, to make the most out of your street photographs, you should notice the unnoticed. The things, which are very casual from a common man’s perspective. Yet, when they’re captured, they look stunning.

Photography: sydneywalker

  • Look For Groups – More than one people give the photograph, a sense of completeness. And on the streets, there always is a crowd. Mostly, friends hang out in groups on the streets and that is the perfect time to click the moment. The photograph of a group always look better than the photograph of an individual (leaving some extreme cases, as exceptions)

Photography: fchouse

  • Look For Expression – People are busy and their faces reflect that. If you happen to wander around in the streets more than often, you can easily spot a gloomy person in a group of cheerful young lads. That makes it more interesting. To give your photograph an extra edge, look for that exceptional expression.

  • Change Your Perspective – There isn’t any rule written that you only have to click photographs while standing upright and keeping the camera at your eye level. To make your photographs more interesting, you have to get your pants dirty. By this, what I mean to say is, you should change your perspective and viewing angle while clicking on the streets. Many times, just a change of perspective changes the whole scene and can make the most ordinary looking thin, the most creative thing down there.

Photography: chewie007

  • Look For Frames – Framing is the art of preserving photographs and making them stand out of the crowd. But framing is not always done after the photograph is taken. You can find frames everywhere around you. Just like how the above picture is framed by a heart shaped railing, try to create frames around your photographs to make them interesting.

Photography: frustratedphotographer

Well, these are the points that I keep in mind while I’m down the streets, looking for interestingness. If you have more to add out of your experience, I’ll be more than happy. Do drop in your comments and feedbacks.

Make Your Own Bokeh Shape

Every professional or even amateur photographer should have heard the word Bokeh once in his/her life, for sure. Bokeh is a Japanese word, meaning “to blur” and it’s a beautiful technique that is used by photographers, all over the globe to take awesome photographs, where the focus is on the subject, and the background is filled with this effect. Following are some awesome examples of Bokeh, in action:

photo credit: Batikart

photo credit : Siebe

But here, I’m not going to teach you, how you can create a bokeh effect. That’s fairly simple to you, if you’re not an amateur photographer. Here, I’m going to tell you, that how to create a bokeh of any shape you like, instead of the old and boring kind of “default” shaped bokeh you get out of your camera lens. As you can see from the above photographs, the bokeh usually are of circular or hexagonal shape. That is due to the shape of aperture of your camera. I’m sure you’ all are familiar with the shape of the aperture, a camera is having. For those, who don’t here is what your camera’s aperture is like:


Noticed the shape in between?  This is the are, through which all the light enters the camera sensors and photographic images of the real world objects are made. Since this hole is of hexagon shape, the “default” bokeh shape is hexagonal or circular. Now, how to get some creative bokeh shapes out of the same lens? Probably, you’re not going to change the whole lens architecture for that. Then what should we do? Let’s think…

Ah! what’s that? Bingo! That’s the only thing you need to do if you want to get a heart shaped bokeh. Physically, you need to just get a sheet of black card board, punch a heart shaped hole in the middle and adjust and stick it in front of your lens. That’s it!

Technically, what exactly happens is, we’re changing the shape, through which the light enters our camera. By default, it’s a hexagonal shape. But here, we’re changing it to a heart shaped thing. In a way, we’re defying the laws of the camera makers 😛

The interesting thing is, the shape is not only limited to a heart. You can run your creativity and can come up with any shape you want. And the results? Well, mostly super awesome!

The Arrow Bokeh

photo credit: sgoralnick

The Umbrella Bokeh

photo credit: V Frost

The Star Bokeh

photo credit: Adam Foster

The Snow Flake Bokeh