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Delicious Food Photography

So this one was a bit strange, but I actually got the idea for this collection from a recipe site I was browsing looking for a good meatball recipe. Meatballs aren’t exactly the prettiest looking food but I saw some very appetizing pictures which made me think about how photos of food truly can be a beautiful thing.

Food is every human’s delight. And when it’s so delicious that you can’t get your eyes off, you really can’t help your mouth watering. Here we present before you 30 best food photographs that we could find to treat your eyes. We bet, you can’t stop your mouth from watering just by looking at these photographs.

Warning: Do not eat your computer screen out 😛


~Photography: rish~

Cookies ~Photography: sassyhorse~

Cup Cakes ~Photography: linnettealissa~

Birthday Cake ~Photography: honeeybeee~

The Strawberries ~Photography: littlefists

Picking Strawberry ~Photography: pesticidas

Butter Cups ~Photography: PeaSoupEats

Chocolate Toppings ~Photography: slagerman~

Vancouver Food ~Photography: kjmeow~

~Photography: slagerman~

Lunch ~Photography: cfisherphotography

Mandarine Cake ~Photography: Saiha~

~Photography: kjmeow~

Ice Cream Sandwiches ~Photography: SmoothDude~

~Photography: vrxStudios~

Pizza Marguerite ~Photography: sidewalkshoes~

pies! pies! pies! ~Photography: sassyradish~

Soul Food ~Photography: lutonian~

~Photography: rstcg~

~Photography: antonioabadiastudio~

BuffaloStyleBurger ~Photography: willoptics~

Pretzel Dogs ~Photography: icedventi~

Just Salad ~Photography: diyanachan~

Beef Steak with Mash Potato ~Photography: enchantedforest~

~Photography: marylise-doctrinal~

Beef Roll ~Photography: enchantedforest~

~Photoraphy: ghholt~

~Photography: peeeeeeter~

~Photography: lantin~

~Photography: zyork~


The 365 Photography Project by Oscar Navarro

Oscar Navarro is a diving instructor, electronic engineer and lover of nature who lives in Caracas, Venezuela.
I am so lucky to see his work of photography on facebook via my friend Agnes Novi.

He has this 365 Photography project that he posted mostly on posterous, and i know everyone can have this kind of project, but his work of photography is amazingly beautiful, from nature, people, statue to a staircase can be a magical photography by him.

So, here are some of his best and my favorites from his site :

My passion for photography comes from the first moment I saw things I could not describe with words, especially under water, then to see things trivial, had in mind just as display them differently, that’s the reason why I love photography. ~Oscar Navarro

For More Visit Oscar Navarro’s gallery: Flickr || Posterous || Blogspot

Connect with him : Twitter || Facebook|| Facebook Fan Page


Colour Story – Photography by Lisa Bettany

Lisa Bettany is a Canadian television and podcasting personality, professional photographer, media producer, and blogger based in Vancouver, BC.
Prior to working in media, Lisa had many adventures as a model, actress, competitive figure skater, musician & academic sort. She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in linguistics.
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Toy Photography ~ by Gareth Payne

Gareth Payne is a student pilot, a photo lab technician and a photographer located in the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.
Gareth has been pursuing photography as a hobby since 2004 and has developed a specialty in toy photography. Gareth enjoys shooting both digital and film

The whole photography thing is a hobby of mine and you will usually find me shooting toys… Lego, actions figures… and such.
I do try to get out and about for shots, and am particularly trying to get into street photography.
I may not really know what I’m doing, so constructive criticism is greatly accepted.

Here are some of my favorites toy photography from him that are mostly funny;

~ Stormwalking ~

~ Abracadabra ~

~ Stormnanigans ~

~ Vader In The Real World ~

“I find your lack of cake disturbing…”

~ Russian Infantry ~

~ Clone Troubadour ~

-With the Clone Wars over, and a failing economy, even the lowly Clone Trooper must find alternative ways to make ends meet…-

~ The Cookie Jar ~

~ Sighting #2 ~

So I ran into this elusive little guy again… this time he had a book. I asked him what he was reading, and he told me it was “legal stuff”… I’m a little worried now…

~ Giant Scooter are the only way to travel ~

“Ok men, here’s the plan: I will steer – given that I am the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy and this will be simple – Cookie will man the gas pedal, and you will remove the stand on my mark…”
“Sir… you can barely reach the steering mechanism as is… how is this supposed to work?”
“…Uh… well… *ahem*… you see… uh… OK, new plan: Cookie on the pedals, and Mr. NoTeamSpirit will be the new bumper…”

~ Defensive Tactics ~

“Ok, Cookie, I’m going to teach you some defensive moves…”
“Um… sure?”
“Alright, come at me.”
“But… you have a light-”
“I said come at me!”
“But… Sir… you-”
“I really think this is a bad idea!”
“AHHHH!!!! *runs*”

~ New Recruits ~

“Wow… the latest recruiting turnout seems to be pretty low – the Empire’s letting everyone in… must be how you got in, eh Cookie?”

~ Quit Monkeying Around! ~

“Sir! *muffled cries for help* Sir!”
“That’s it! I’m going on vacation! When I get back, there had better be no more monkeys!”

~ How Oreo are Actually made… ~

“Alright, looking good everyone… we’ll make our quota tonight- COOKIE!”
“*muffled* …yes?”
“Uh… quality control?”

~ Sitting by the river ~

~ He lives in a pineapple under the sea ~

~ Grand Theft Cookie ~

~ Arm Wrestle ~

~ Wardrobe Malfunction ~

“Trooper! What is wrong with you?! Why in the blazes are you wearing bright orange?!”
“Um… it’s what I was given?”
“Don’t give me that flarg son! You look like a namby pamby flower!”
“Well… uh… hey- is that mustache even real…?”

~ Portrait of a Spearman ~

~ The Wild West ~

~ Vuvuzela ~

~ Look Sir! Droids! ~

Sometimes privacy is hard to come by, even for a Sith Lord…

~ Portrait of an ARF Trooper ~

Visit Gareth Payne’s gallery: Flickr || RedBubble || Etsy

Connect with him : Twitter || Facebook