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45 Breathtaking Sunrise from All Over The World

Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. Sunrise should not be confused with dawn, which is the (variously defined) point at which the sky begins to lighten, some time before the sun itself appears, ending twilight. Because atmospheric refraction causes the sun to be seen while it is still below the horizon, both sunrise and sunset are, from one point of view, optical illusions. The sun also exhibits an optical illusion at sunrise similar to the moon illusion.
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Landscape Photography Tips

Landscapes are the most beautiful form of nature. There are so many landscape forms of nature in this world that it may take your entire life in trying to capture them. There is always something magical about a landscape that persuades and encourages a photographer to take its photograph. To start with, here are some breathtaking examples of landscape photography:





Here in this article, we’ll tell you some tips and tricks that would help you to exploit your camera to the maximum extent for landscape photography. To make sure you get maximum output out of your landscape shots, you should keep in mind following points and tricks:

Imagine a Composition

Shooting landscape is not at all similar to shooting any other object. Landscapes are meant to be shot for a composition. So, next time you go out in the wild and plan for a landscape photography series, make sure you have a composition of a scenery in your mind.

The lens

Landscape shots are best captured with a wide angle lens. The reason for that is, wide angle lenses tend to cover greater amount of area in the same available space. So, using a wide angle lens is recommended.

Foreground matters

While shooting landscapes, foreground is equally important as the background. While you should definitely care about the background structure, having a good foreground also decides the fate of the final photograph to a great extent

Don’t forget your tripod

When you decide to go for a landscape shoot, never ever forget your tripod. You will have to use the tripod in the low light conditions so that you don’t end up with shaky and blurry photographs.

Check the weather

While going and planning a landscape shooting schedule, it’s always wise to check with the weather reports of the area as even a small amount of rain or wind can ruin all your plans of landscape photography.

Focal Points

The modern digital DSLR cameras have many focal points compared to single focal points of old cameras. This enables you as a photographer to keep more than one object in focus while photographing a scene.  Landscape photography gives you maximum opportunity to use this feature of your camera.

Use Maximum Depth of Field

Depth Of Field (DoF) refers to how many objects will be in focus relative to the distance between them and the camera. As you may already know, in landscape scenes all of the objects are in focus and there is no question of blurring or fading any object out. To achieve this, always shoot at maximum depth of field.

25 Examples of a Dreamy Rocks Photography

A landscaped is something that will surely be a lifetime inspiration for all photographer. Aside from Mountain, Ocean, plants, trees and flowers, natural rocks and stones are also can give a dramatic expression for every landscape photographs. These some examples of a photography that involving rocks, which are creating a dreamy effect to the whole natural concept and stunning contrast to the nature landscape photography.

Photography petervanallen

Photography PatrickSmithPhotography

Photography Jorgen Schon

Photography Mel Brackstone

Photography Jim Patterson Photography

Photography Shuggie

Photography Angus Clyne

Photography Jordi Gallego

Photography Jim Boud

Photography Bobby Bong

Photography Tomasito

Photography Tropical Living

Photography Maloephoto

Appreciate The World

A landscape is a section or portion of scenery as seen from a single viewpoint. Scenery is the subject of a landscape image. Typically, people and animals are not shown in a landscape, unless they are relatively small in the image and have been included in the composition to show scale.
This photographs typically capture the presence of nature and are often free of man-made obstructions. Landscape photographers usually attempt to convey an appreciation of the world.

So,here are some example of stunning landscape photographs,as our appreciation of our world.

Photography Iqbal

Photography Vladimir Sklyarov

Photography Francesco Martini

Photography Tomas Suarez

Photography Masoud Mobin Ali

Photography Yann Deguen

Photography Gary Mcparland

Photography Charlie Mac Bell

Photography Dirk Smith

Photography John Parminter

Photography mm767cap

Photography Phil Morgan

Photography Giuseppe Manganaro

Photography Jordi Gallego

Photography Sean Reidy

Photography Joni Niemelauml