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Incredible Macro Photography Of Human Eye

He received a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Yerevan State University in 2001 for research in the field of Quantum Chaos and investigations in the field of Quantum Technologies. Yet, Suren Manvelyan is probably best known for his stunning macro-photography. Especially popular is his series of close-ups of human eyes called Your Beautiful Eyes.

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5 Tips On How To Take Killer Macro Shots

Macro Photography is a whole new world to photographers. Macro shots portray life in such imaginative and beautiful ways that you’re left spell bound and speechless. Taking killer macro shots is not easy. It’s an art. And you can also master this amazing art by following tips and tricks. Here’s how you can induce that killer instinct and X-factor to your macro shots.



This is the most important thing when it comes to macro photography. First of all, always set your camera to the macro mode (every digital camera has a dedicated macro mode which is marked by a small flower symbol). After selecting the exclusive macro mode, make sure that you have the largest possible aperture size set for your shots. This helps in two ways:

  1. It helps to capture all the available light across your macro subject so that the photographs come out to be crystal clear.
  2. It helps in retaining a smaller area of field in your shots so that only the subject is in focus. That makes your macro shots even stronger when finished.



Obviously, one of the most important aspect of any photography technique Is perfect focus. Now a days, almost all the digital cameras offer automatic focus. However, I won’t recommend you using automatic focus for macro shots. Speaking from my personal experience, 9 out of 10 times I have used automatic focus in shooting macro objects, the camera has failed to focus correctly on the subject. The reason for that is, the camera sensor is not smart enough at the macro levels to differentiate between the focus of subject and the background. That’s why I’m recommending you to keep a manual focus and adjust the pin-point sharp focus at your subject manually.

Depth Of Field


The DoF (Depth Of Field) is another important aspect of macro photography. As explained earlier, it’s the aperture that controls the depth of field. However, the Depth Of Filed also depends largely on the combination of aperture and subject’s distance as well as the background distance from the subject being photographed. Having a correct combination of all these only will ensure that you have amazing macro shots every time you try to get them.

Say No Internal Flash


In macro photography, using the in-built camera flash is not recommended. The reason for this is, the built-in camera mount flash just ruins the macro shots to an irreversible level. Since the flash is neither placed correctly to be fired on macro subjects, nor does it have that soft touch, the use of internal flash is not recommended. However, you can use external soft flashes with one or more reflectors if you really want to shoot at low light conditions.

In a time when pretty much everyone has access to digital cameras and can take half decent photos, being able to take great macro shots is something that can separate you from your average photographer.

And once you’ve built up a nice collection of stunning macro shots, a great way you can share these photos is via services like www.lulu.com which give you the option to design and create your own photo books and send them directly to yourself, or to friends as a unique and creative gift.

Macro Doll

How To Make A Super Macro Lens From Canon 18-55mm Lens

If you’ve just upgraded your camera arsenal (like I did), with a new DSLR and are having the default kit  18-55mm lens which comes boxed with majority of SLR cameras and you’re missing your old macro lens of point and shoot, this is for you. Macro photography has ever been one of the most fascinating region to explore in digital photography. And with  amazing examples like the Pictures Of Insects Covered In Water Droplets, one really should try out his/her hands on macro photography.

But you don’t have a macro lens and neither you have a budget to get one exclusively. What to do now? Well, here’s an amazing and very detailed video on how you can make your own macro lens out of the default 18-55mm kit lens of your DSLR camera. However, we won’t recommend you to try this with your brand new kit lens. Instead, you can get a very cheap used 18-55 lens to try things out.

Disclaimer: It’s an extreme engineering video which involved explicit scenes of tearing apart a lens. If you are a camera lover, you might get a heart attack. We will not be held responsible for that 😉

Well, to me, that was indeed scary! Do share in your thoughts and what all you have to say about the video by dropping in your comments below.

Amazing Pictures Of Insects Covered In Water Droplets

These are the most extreme examples of macro photography which are so mesmerizing, that I wouldn’t be surprised if you forget to breathe after looking at them. The shots feature daily-life insects, but from a photographer’s perspective. All these shots are extreme macro shots that are taken when the insects were enjoying their hibernation period and dew drops were all over their body.


Looking at these pics, every photographer will get an inspiration that:

Still there are so many worlds to travel… Still there are so many hallmarks to touch… No one is perfect and never can be.. So, just enjoy, appreciate and live the beauty of Nature