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The 365 Photography Project by Oscar Navarro

Oscar Navarro is a diving instructor, electronic engineer and lover of nature who lives in Caracas, Venezuela.
I am so lucky to see his work of photography on facebook via my friend Agnes Novi.

He has this 365 Photography project that he posted mostly on posterous, and i know everyone can have this kind of project, but his work of photography is amazingly beautiful, from nature, people, statue to a staircase can be a magical photography by him.

So, here are some of his best and my favorites from his site :

My passion for photography comes from the first moment I saw things I could not describe with words, especially under water, then to see things trivial, had in mind just as display them differently, that’s the reason why I love photography. ~Oscar Navarro

For More Visit Oscar Navarro’s gallery: Flickr || Posterous || Blogspot

Connect with him : Twitter || Facebook|| Facebook Fan Page


Colour Story – Photography by Lisa Bettany

Lisa Bettany is a Canadian television and podcasting personality, professional photographer, media producer, and blogger based in Vancouver, BC.
Prior to working in media, Lisa had many adventures as a model, actress, competitive figure skater, musician & academic sort. She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in linguistics.
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Explored: Abhinay Omkar

Hello Friends! We’re back with the most amazing section here that’s called EXPLORE, in which we bring the most amazing, awesome and talented photographers from all over the globe. We interview them, try to get their insights about photography as an art, get some tips and tricks for you and finally showcase some of their most amazing works with a link to them.

This week, we have Abhinay Omkar with us. He is another person whom I know having a quality called “freaking awesomeness” 😛 Jokes apart, Abhi is not only a very good friend of mine, but on the same hand he is an amazing photographer and that you’ll see below. So now it’s time to introduce you to the man himself!

Drum Rolls Please!! Presenting before your, Abhinay Omkar……….

Hi Abhi.. Can you tell us more about you?

Hi there! My name is Abhinay Omkar. I’m from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Currently working as a Software Developer in Bangalore, India. Programming and Photography are my true passions. I like travelling to new places. I started learning photography from 2008 year.

What inspires you to do photography?

Movies are great inspirational for me. Photostreams of my Flickr Contacts are truly inspirational and motivates me to do more. I got my first inspiration from my best friend – Vijay Bandari


When did you decide to become a photographer or fall in love with the world of photography?

Right from the beginning when I started learning photography, I fell in love with it.

Tell us your first camera and the one that you use now

My first camera is my mobile (Nokia N95). I’m currently using Canon EOS 500D, bought it in 2009 that is 10 months back.


Many people say that “If I would be having that million dollar SLR camera, I would also have shot those amazing pics”. What’s your take on that?

In my opinion it’s a wrong assumption. Some people feel shy shooting with the normal point & shoot camera, thinking that they should get a better camera. My suggestion is, they should keep practicing with the camera that they are currently using, keep practice with composing and framing. And they should learn how to play with the light.

So you are a Canon guy. What would you like to say on the never ending Canon vs Nikon debate?

I love photography more than my Camera. Some people start Canon vs Nikon debate just for fun. Both cameras do equally same.


Have you taken any formal training in photography? Do you think it is important to have one?

No. I didn’t take any training in photography. But, I would suggest to attend photography workshops. If you would like to be a full-time photographer I’m sure there are lots of photography courses available.

How do you describe your photographic style?

I try to keep my photos as creative as possible. I follow Rule of third technique in most of my captures.


Who or what would you love to shoot that you haven’t already?

Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in India. I would love to shoot the beautify of Kerala.

How do you feel about digital manipulation and to what extent do you utilize it? Which are your favorite digital manipulation softwares?

Using Digital Manipulation tools is fine as long as the photo looks Natural. I would always try to get the picture right on the camera first to avoid post-processing. For beginners, I would suggest to use post-processing tools sparingly and only if required.
My favorite digital manipulation tool is Adobe Lightroom. It’s just a great software to organize or develop my photos.


Our detectives reported that you are also into web design. How true is that?

Yes, your detective report was right! 🙂

Any tips tricks or final words to budding photographers?

Just keep clicking. Get your photos to your computer screen, see how it looks. If you think, you can do better then try again. Practice Practice Practice!
I would suggest to keep watching movies. Movies can be your great source for your knowledge in photography. That’s how I learned. Some movies are inspirational in photography.
I would also suggest to join any local photography group (Flickr Group) and actively participate in any photowalks of the group, you may learn lot from the them.

PS: You can catch him up on Facebook || Flickr || Twitter

EXPLORED: Jordan Voth ~ A Photographer From Washington

Hi Everyone,

Finally we can have our very first interview with a photographer, and let’s meet Jordan Voth from Auburn Washington, who currently living in Cheney,WA

We have asked Jordan a view question through email, so let’s hear it :

Jordan, Can you tell us more about you?

Hey! I’m 20 (21 in a few weeks) and I attend school in Cheney, WA. I’m double majoring in Accounting and Finance along with a minor in Economics. And, as you can probably tell, I love taking pictures.


So, What inspires you to do photography?

Creating something out of nothing is really interesting to me. The whole process from start to finish is a really fun time and I enjoy it a lot which keeps me wanting to do it more. As well as having a good response from people about my work. That really helps too.

When did you decide to become a photographer or fall in love with
the world of photography?

Back in my senior year of high school (2007), I started taking pictures of my car with one of my friends. All I ever used at that point was a cheap little point & shoot, which was great for what I was doing. Once I graduated, I upgraded to an SLR and started taking more pictures and began to teach myself more about it. That next summer I began shooting portraits and haven’t stopped since then.

Tell us your first camera and the one that you use now

Well my first SLR was a Nikon D40. Great beginner camera but I soon wanted to upgrade. So I sold that and picked up a Nikon D300 which I kept for about a year and a half. I then made the decision to switch to Canon and picked up a 5d Mark II, which is what I shoot with now and it’s the best camera I’ve ever been able to use.

Have you taken any formal training in photography? Do you think it is important to have one?

I started out with some help from a local photographer who taught me some of the basics as well as spending time reading on different photography forums. A year after I started getting more serious into it, I took a beginner photography class at my college just to fill up credits. It was mostly stuff I had already learned or taught myself but it did teach me a few handy tricks that I still use today. I don’t think formal training is a necessity; I know plenty of self-taught photographers who should be considered pro. It can’t hurt but I think if you’re serious enough about it you can teach yourself.


I see there are lots of amazing portraits in your photo’s stream. What are your favorite subjects?

Thank you! Really the best subjects are the ones who are just as stoked as I am to be there. It makes for a much better time and I generally end up with a lot more keepers from the session. I’ve photographed a few people who weren’t so into it and that can sometimes show in the pictures.

Who or what would you love to shoot that you haven’t already?

That’s a tough one haha. I guess I would love to shoot some of my favorite bands (The Acacia Strain, Oceano, Buried In Verona, etc.), I could go on forever with bands. I recently was able to shoot another favorite of mine, Monsters, which was a cool opportunity.


How do you feel about digital manipulation and to what extent do
you utilize it?

I think digital manipulation is cool and really intriguing. Dave Hill, for example, is one of the masters of that and makes his stuff insanely fun to look at. I don’t spend much time processing my images anymore, generally 1-2 minutes tops. I’ve tried to focus more on getting stuff looking good in the camera to begin with which has worked pretty well so far. I’m a Photoshop guy; started out with CS3 and just recently moved up to CS5. I’ve played around with Lightroom 3 a bit but I’m far more comfortable with CS5.

Which is your favorite photograph so far and why?

I don’t know if I could choose haha. My favorite is always changing cause of new shoots and such.Though I’m a huge sun flare fan, so I would say this shot (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jojo2fast/4790974167/) is my current favorite. This was done with just natural lighting right before the sun set so it was the best light you could get, in my opinion.


Wow! Yes that’s surely a favorite!

Any tips tricks or final words to budding photographers?

To people just starting out: Your equipment does not determine how good you will be. Too many people assume that if you have a $3,000 camera, you can shoot insanely good pictures; which is not the case. To other photographers: Focus more on getting stuff correct in camera, rather than relying on Photoshop. And most of all, have fun!


Jordan thank you for your time

Thanks for having me!

Visit Jordan Voth’s gallery: Flickr || Tumblr || Model Mayhem

Connect with him : Twitter || Facebook

PS: In our Explored! section, we’ll be exploring the works of each and every awesome photographer we can get our hands on! So if you know any amazing photographer, don’t hesitate to pass on his/her address to us and we’ll handle all the stalking thereafter 🙂