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The Bottle Cap Tri-Pod

Tri-Pods are amazing. If you want to shoot with a low shutter speed, a tri-pod is a must have accessory for you. A Tri-Pod prevents accidental shakes that may creep in and ruin your photographs. But there is a problem. Tri-pods are costly and not everyone can afford one. But it’s a necessary thing to have in your arsenal and you’re sure to miss some great opportunities of photography if you don’t have one. What’s the solution for that? Well, there is a cute solution!

Recently, while browsing around, I found an amazing website called Photojojo which deals in some of the most whakiest and interesting camera accessories. There, I found this sweet and cute looking Bottle Cap Tri-pod. I loved the concept. And it’s a nice little Tri-Pod for you to have. Just have a look:

The Bottle-Cap Tripod has following features:

  • Mounts on any standard water or soda bottle
  • Pivots up to 15° in any direction
  • Works best with point and shoot cameras and bottles at least halfway full
  • Portable and lightweight — fits anywhere!
  • Universal camera mount fits any camera with a tripod socket
  • Great for self-portraits, group photos on self-timer, and steady low-light shots

Seriously, I loved this thing! And guess what, it comes for only $10. Now that’s a fair price for great thing like this. Anyways, if you’re as exited as I am, you can grab yours from the Photojojo Store